Friday, June 28, 2013

Today note

Oh my gosh! Today I just made a super yummy zucchini bread covered with chocolate and shaped as a mini pound cake! it was SO good! I will show you how to make it later on!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

One tip to REALLY good cookies!

here is one tip to making really
                              good cookies!
let the butter sit out all day so that you could mix it                   all together in one second. You get this. So good!!!


Have a lemonade stand!

               One day I had a lemonade stand. 
                         Here are a few tips...

I sold some snacks to make more money. Make sure to sell them for more then you got them for.

 Now here is were you get all the money! I got 5 $ from one nice person! make a tip jar.
Also, when a car comes by, wave and smile. And if someone buys lemonade say ''thank you''. Just be super nice and have lots and lots of fun. And Friday is the best day to have a lemonade stand!

P.S. put sunscreen on beforehand.

5 steps to make a reading journal!

1. first you need a plain notebook...

2. Then you write  your name and phone number just in case you lose it.

3. After that you write the title of the book you read, and put some star stickers for rating it.

4. Then write why you like or dislike the book.

5. Write the ages you think are good to read the book at.