Monday, November 4, 2013

My pumpkin!

Here is my carved pumpkin, its an owl!

Fall Decorations!

The other day I made Fall Decorations!

Here is a pumpkin garland! You need: orange paper, brown paper, tape, and string. How to make it: cut out  pumpkin shapes in orange paper, how ever many you want ( or how long you want it ) then line them all up and tape brown stems on the shapes with brown paper. Now, pull out some string, enough to fit all the pumpkins on it with a foot extra at each end to hang up, then tape all the pumpkins on the string and hang it up! Enjoy!

Decorations for your doors!

How to make it: make a bigger version of the pumpkins from the pumpkin garland, and put stripes on the big pumpkin, then cut out swirls with brown paper and tape it on a door like this! Enjoy!